What could happen in a year?

The last time I wrote a fresh post for this blog was 2019. Back then, no one except doctors used the word “coronavirus” and the only people who had heard of COVID-19 were epidemiologists. The last time I wrote a post for this blog, if you had told me that communities around the whole entire world would go into lockdown, require masks in every business, and lose millions of lives anyway, I would’ve assumed you were a weirdo conspiracy theorist. (Of course, I would’ve assumed the same thing if you’d told me in October 2016 that our next president was going to be a failed businessman/reality TV star. Apparently conspiracy theorists know at least a little more than I’ve been giving them credit for.)

The last time I touched this blog, George Floyd was just a stranger in Minneapolis. Since then, at least a few more white folks have started hearing what black people have been telling us for generations. May the Universe bless and protect Darnella Frazier and the other witnesses who made it possible to convict one single murderer. May this tide keep turning. It has such a long way to go to reach the shore.

The last time I wrote a post for this blog, I hadn’t gone back to school yet. Oh, right, school. My second master’s degree, because why stop at one, will be a Master’s of Library and Information Science. With this degree in my pocket, I hope I can continue advancing in the library world, doing a job I love while also having fun things like a regular paycheck and health insurance. If you spend four-ish years repeatedly talking yourself out of going back to school, and then you don’t get a job, which you believe you deserved, at least partly if not mostly because you haven’t gone back to school, it’s time to go back to school. So I did.

If you’re here because you know me as a copyeditor, I’m still editoring away. My commitment to the series comma is almost as profound as my commitment to naps on days off and not getting embroiled in strangers’ social media arguments. That will never change.

So what I’m saying is, I haven’t touched this blog in more than a year for lots of reasons. Twelve days into the break between spring and summer semester, with 19 more days to go, the knot in my brain unraveled and it suddenly dawned on me that I should be using this time to do something I love: write some stuff! About whatever I want!

I am not here to make an impassioned recommitment to posting on this blog on a regular basis because nope. Between librarying and copyediting, I work about 50 or 60 hours a week, and then I wedge my one class a semester into the odd corners. There is no time or energy or mental power to be writing anything I’m not being paid for or graded on. But in this brief, delicious break, I shall, my friends, write. Maybe a lot.

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