Editorial Services

You’ve finished your nonfiction manuscript! Congratulations! But your publisher doesn’t think you’re finished. In fact, the publisher believes there’s quite a bit more work to do.

I can help.

As a copyeditor with almost two decades of experience, I will enhance your nonfiction manuscript’s clarity and grammatical and mechanical accuracy while respecting and amplifying your authorial voice.

I am passionate about producing work of the highest quality and obsessive about maintaining your editorial schedule. Communication is my standard, and I will check in with you weekly or as necessary to identify and fix issues before they become problems.

My experience as both a production editor and a freelancer gives me unique insight into manuscript preparation that publishers appreciate.

In other words, I can help you produce exactly what every publisher wants: a clean, on-time manuscript that’s ready to start the publication process.

To discuss your editorial needs or request a short (750-word) sample edit, please email noelle <dot> barrick <at> gmail <dot> com.